A biotech companyRelease time:2019-02-25 17:06:23

A biotech is a biotech startup that USES artificial intelligence to develop new drugs. The company is committed to improving the accuracy and efficiency of drug screening through artificial intelligence and high-performance computing technology, creating an algorithm platform and accelerating the development of a new generation of drugs.


Since receiving the call from the company about its need for constant temperature and humidity control in the newly built laboratory project, our company has actively carried out door-to-door investigation, and put forward laboratory design scheme based on the field evaluation results and our years of experience in temperature and humidity control of the wheel dehumidifier unit. In this project, cymbals are specially provided with two dehumidifiers: one p18-3030 runner dehumidifier unit and one p18-3031 combined air conditioner unit.



After the completion of installation, after more than two months of non-stop operation of the equipment, cymbal special services and equipment products have been praised by customers, the two sides signed a long-term maintenance contract.