Quick injection powder mixing and encapsulationRelease time:2019-02-25 13:46:32

With the rapid development of production technology in all walks of life in China, many domestic enterprises turn to the manufacturing of high-tech products, and also put forward higher control requirements for the production environment, so that the dehumidification technology of the runner has more applications.

Cymbals environmental protection technology (Shanghai) co., ltd. participated in a famous pharmaceutical company's low dew point project, creating a number of industrial application precedent, user demand of high purification (FDA medical injection purification grade), low humidity (environmental control <-50 C dew point), large humidity difference treatment (large air volume all fresh air) meet the acceptance requirements. In project scheme comparison, cymbals, provides the solution of the foreign party endorsed, evaluation is better than that of the department to use the equipment, the end user required to provide a full range of dehumidifier units, direct expansion of cold source and integrated automatic control system, and according to the user site condition for non-standard design and manufacture, after the equipment delivered for the user to create greater value, through the project, for sure, cymbals and the company has accumulated for high-end desiccant air conditioning solutions and methods of the application requirements.