Mobile medical stationRelease time:2017-10-20 10:57:47

In order to ensure the normal use of mobile medical station in the whole climate environment, constant temperature and humidity air conditioning control is carried out in the internal room, and the whole fresh air treatment system in the antibiotic area and the return air treatment system with part of the fresh air in the common medicine area are equipped, and the whole return air treatment system in the area is prepared. The constant temperature and humidity air conditioning equipment provided by cymbal special environmental protection technology is designed as a container structure, which has the endurance strength to withstand normal transportation and hoisting. When used in combination with mobile medical station, it can be connected to the air duct and power supply and put into use. In order to meet the working characteristics of the mobile medical station, the main operating components of the equipment are designed as one for use and one for backup. If the components fail during the use, the control system will automatically switch to the standby system to continue the operation.