"One Belt And One Road" caseRelease time:2017-10-10 10:48:50

Cymbals environmental protection technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., as a professional manufacturer of industrial air dehumidifying air conditioning equipment, makes full use of its own technology and market advantages, and actively responds to and participates in the "One Belt And One Road" initiative proposed by the state through the high-quality products recognized by users. In early 2017, cymbals, under the organization of relevant departments and units, was responsible for providing desiccant air conditioning equipment for the economic development zone under construction in Bangladesh. The first batch of five rotary desiccant machines were supplied to a pharmaceutical enterprise in the park for the humidity control of its production environment.

Project on several key technology of purification workshop room for low humidity control (RH < 30%), with cymbals, environmental technology (Shanghai) co., LTD production of PD - M standard wheel dehumidifier, with combined air conditioning on the dehumidification of fresh air system, and has good application under high temperature and high humidity environment in South Asia, in the future we will pay more attention to the subsequent construction of the park, to provide users with more high-quality products.