Cymbal Xin Technology for Chongshan Optoelectronics customized low dew point wheRelease time:2021-06-21 10:12:45

On June 17th, the first batch of 3 high performance fully welded low dew point wheel dehumidifier customized by CymbXin Technology for chongshan optoelectronics was successfully shipped.


This project is Chongshan Photoelectric Phase III fluorocarbon battery production line. Its environmental control requirements are: temperature 22±1℃, dew point ≤-50℃, and cleanliness class 100,000. Combined with the user's early equipment use experience and personalized needs, the equipment adopts the form of all-welding structure, good sealing performance, optimized design of the whole machine, and effectively reduce the operation energy consumption. According to the characteristics of the project, the equipment adopts innovative anti-cold bridge structure, specially designed details processing, anti-cold bridge effect is excellent, while the runner adopts a new profile frame structure, the overall flatness is better, the regeneration sealing is strong, further optimize the equipment performance, to ensure that the production process requirements.


In order to ensure the delivery date, all the staff make detailed work plans and work overtime to efficiently complete the production tasks and ensure the smooth delivery of equipment. Cymbals Xin Technology will continue to uphold the "quality service, create value" quality concept and "integrity management, innovation and enterprising" spirit of enterprise, to provide users with quality products and services.