A custom-made all-welded low-dew point dehumidifier unit of institute of EngineeRelease time:2020-12-15 17:16:53

December 14, Cymbal Xin technology for a custom-made high performance fully welded low dew point runner dehumidification unit smoothly shipped, will be sent to the customer site for installation, commissioning.


Environmental control requirements of this project: temperature 23±3℃, dew point ≤-50℃, cleanliness class 100,000. According to the characteristics of the project, cymbal special all-welding dehumidification unit with ultra-low dew point runner is adopted. The frame of the unit is fully welded with thickened cold plate, with good overall tightness, which can not only meet the requirements of production process, but also effectively reduce the energy consumption and operating cost of the equipment. The cymbal ultra-low dew point wheel dehumidifier has passed the inspection and certification of authoritative institutions, and the air leakage rate reaches L1, higher than the industry standard. The runner belt of this unit adopts "double belt drive", which can be used continuously for more than 8 years without maintenance.


In order to better feedback and service customers, technical r & D personnel continue to develop and innovate products. The new anti-cooling bridge technology is adopted by the ultra-low dew point runner dehumidification unit, which is mainly based on Poder independent research and development of anti-cooling bridge laying between each functional section and maintenance surface, to fundamentally eliminate cold and heat conduction, solve the condensation phenomenon on the outer surface of the box body, and make the equipment have a longer service life and stronger stability.


Cymbal Xin technology will continue to research and development innovation, solve the problem of the industry pain point, to provide customers with professional quality, energy saving and efficient services.