The cymbals are specially designed for the customized all-welded runner dehumidiRelease time:2020-12-02 09:22:51

November 30, cymbals special environmental protection technology for the development of shandong Chongshan project all welded wheel dehumidification units smoothly shipped. Under the pressure of tight deadlines, large tasks and strict technical standards, we made concerted efforts to overcome the dual challenges of epidemic prevention and control and production and manufacturing, successfully completed the design and manufacturing of equipment, and ensured that the quality of the quality units was delivered on time.


The equipment is 11.6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3.64 meters high. Cymbals are the first of its kind to adopt the innovative all-welded construction of the anti-cooling bridge. The internal environment control requirements for the assembly room of lithium fluorocarbon batteries in this project: temperature 22±3℃, dew point ≤-50℃, cleanliness class 100,000. According to the characteristics of the project, the cymbals are optimized for environmental protection technology. The innovative structure of the anti-cooling bridge is adopted. The structure details of the special design ensure that the anti-cooling bridge has an excellent effect to meet the requirements of the production process. At the same time, the internal wheel frame adopts the new profile frame structure, the overall flatness is better, the regeneration sealing is strong, further optimize the equipment performance.


Cymbals special environmental protection technology will continue to pay attention to high - end production, environmental control and other market demand, continuous innovation, to create value for customers.