PD-L Series Low-dew Point Rotary Dehumidifier

Polder Environmental Science& Technology is a professional manufacturer of adsorbing rotary dehumidifier, based on users’ requirements, designs functional sections individually, and satisfies air-conditioning requirements such as air volume, outlet air temperature, outlet air humidity and outlet air cleanness. Meanwhile, relevant patented technologies of Polder Environmental Protection Science& Technology combine the philosophy of greenness, energy saving and environmental protection, apply thermal recycling technology, make the regeneration process more energy-saving, and the optimized body structure and high-performance thermal insulation materials minimize heat losses and save operation costs. 

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Application Features 

1. In-depth dehumidification, high efficiency.

The PD-L series dehumidifier lowers moisture in air and treats ultra-low dew point below -70 degrees centigrade to satisfy air drying requirements required by low-dew point control.

2. Advanced equipment structure, high operation efficiency

Full welding is used for external structure of equipment to avoid system air leaking, ensure process requirements and lowering energy waste. Internal structure of the equipment is made of stainless steel to avoid individual composition corrosion in production and mechanical pollution to air process. 

3. Flexible equipment configurations, complete project delivery 

The PD-L series provide function requirement configurations flexibly;

a.Separate rotary wheel dehumidification functions or required air treatment sections;

b. Supporting refrigeration sources, direct or indirect refrigerant treatment process

c. Integrating automatic control for complete low dew-point drying system;

d. Non-standard tailoring is adjusted subject to site conditions.;

e. Provide working rooms satisfy low dew-point structure requirements. 

4. Low operation costs, saving energy consumption

The heating sources required for regeneration is supplied in form of electric heating, or steam or natural gas direct combustion, subject to user’s specific conditions. The PD-L series is added with energy recycling module to make user’s operation costs lower.

5. Long-term operation, easy maintenance

The rotary dehumidification system can be operated on a long-term basis without change of the moisture absorbent, and the mechanical parts are not provided with wearing parts frequently replaced. Its operation and maintenance is simple and reliable.

Technical Features

1、It is applicable for air drying under low dew-point requirements, and is used for high-quality air purifying, high-precision control and extremely low conditions treatment. 

2、A complete system is composed of air temperature and humidity, purification and other treatment units; supporting refrigeration cooling sources; and the corresponding drying and purifying rooms and auxiliary works, and the users select based on needs. 

3、Regular thickness of the rotary wheel is 400mm, which is made of efficient silicon rubber or composite molecular materials, powerful capability of absorbing moisture.

4、Intermediate efficiency bag filter is installed, completed with filter pressure difference alarm. 

5、The regeneration blower shall be of high-quality blower, resisting high-temperature and corrosion.

6、The rotary wheel driving and sealing systems are imported, stable and reliable performance. 

7、Stepless adjustment is adopted for regeneration heating, stable operation, precise control and saving operation costs.

8、Stepless adjustment is adopted for regeneration heating, stable operation, precise control and saving operation costs.

Scope Of Application

1. Treatment engineering and production process with low dew point requirements on humidity

Examples: production workshops of lithium ion battery, thermal battery and other batteries, production of special chemicals and the gas conveyance process. 

2. Storage of articles sensitive to moisture.

Examples: metal lithium, raw metal raw materials, chemical raw materials absorbing moisture and PET plastic injection grains.

3. Scientific research laboratory, in particular high-tech to biological, space and aviation and electronic laboratory. 

Examples: simulating extreme environmental conditions in experiment.

4. Prevent condensation of low-temperature processing air-conditioner, and icing and blocking of air channel.