Sinotrans cold chain storesRelease time:2019-02-25 13:48:23

As a large state-owned enterprise, huayuanyuan undertakes the logistics and transportation business of many enterprises. In the cooperation business with an internationally renowned food company, huayuanyuan is responsible for the storage and distribution of materials and finished products for the enterprise. So the construction of a large cold chain warehouse to protect.

Cymbals environmental protection technology (Shanghai) co., ltd. provides dehumidification equipment for its cold chain warehouse, aiming to solve the problem that the high humidity in the cold storage has an impact on the quality of materials, and reduce the operating load of the refrigeration system of the cold storage and reduce the operating cost by reducing the humidity. Therefore, cymbal specially adds dehumidification equipment for the runner with energy recovery device for users, and is equipped with corresponding direct cooling source, which is responsible for humidity control of a number of different temperature libraries.