Ultracapacitor low dew point drying projectRelease time:2018-03-30 10:49:01

On March 10th, the dehumidifier set of two PD-L series dehumidifier with low dew point was delivered successfully.

The project of 2 big air volume low dew point full fresh air equipment, used in lithium ion super capacitor production line, workshop control - 60 ℃ below the dew point. The outer structure of the equipment adopts the form of full welding to eliminate air leakage in the system, ensure the process requirements and reduce energy waste. The internal structure of the equipment is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion of individual components in production and reduce mechanical pollution to process air. The unit can run continuously for a long time without replacing the hygroscopic agent, and the mechanical part has no wearing parts that need to be replaced frequently. It can run normally for 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

The contract for the project was signed on January 19, 2018. The leaders of the company attached great importance to it and completed the production task within 45 days, realizing the delivery of high quality and short period.

The successful delivery of the project marks a new step for cymbals in the field of industrial dehumidification.