PD-M Series Standard Rotary Dehumidifier

Polder Environmental Science& Technology is a professional manufacturer of adsorbing rotary dehumidifier, based on users’ requirements, designs functional sections individually, and satisfies air-conditioning requirements such as air volume, outlet air temperature, outlet air humidity and outlet air cleanness. Meanwhile, relevant patented technologies of Polder Environmental Protection Science& Technology combine the philosophy of greenness, energy saving and environmental protection, apply thermal recycling technology, make the regeneration process more energy-saving, and the optimized body structure and high-performance thermal insulation materials minimize heat losses and save operation costs. 

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Application features

1.Massive dehumidification capacity and high efficiency

The rotary dehumidification is greatly different from the cooling dehumidification. Dew point of air after cooling dehumidification is not lower than 5~0 degrees centigrade, which cannot solve the relatively low humidity control requirements, and the rotary humidifier can lower the dew point of the air treated below 0 degree centigrade, and even -70 degrees centigrade.

2.Easy operation, reliable operation

In terms of operation, the rotary dehumidifier is given with various control modes. The rotary dehumidifier is under normal operation, without components of high-strength operation, and is safe and reliable. In the process of operation, it is free of corrosion and pollution. 

3.Compact structure, convenient installation

It is more applicable for dehumidifying zone control in newly constructed and reconstructed projects. When it is used with other air-conditioning systems, the interface forms are flexible, and are adjusted subject to site conditions.

4.Low operation costs and energy saving  

Main energy consumption of the rotary dehumidifier is the heat required for regeneration of the rotary wheel. The heat required for regeneration is supplied in form of electric heating, or steam or direct combustion of natural gas, subject to user’s conditions. Under general conditions, of air-conditioning system with dehumidifying requirements, the pure refrigeration is used for dehumidifying and the rotary dehumidifying and refrigeration are used for dehumidifying. After comparing, the later saves 20-30% energy compared with the former one. If user provides steam conditions, such energy-saving effects are more evident.

5. Long-term operation, convenient maintenance 

The rotary dehumidifier can operate on a long-term basis without replacement of dehumidifying agent, and the mechanical components are not composed of wearing parts which require frequent replacement. Its operation and maintenance is simple and reliable.

6.Low operating cost

The PD-M series rotary dehumidifier is added with kinds of energy recycling module based on needs to lower user’s operation costs. The dehumidifier added with condensation heat recycling module can be excellent energy-saving fresh air dehumidifier set. 

Technical features 

1、It is applicable for air drying under various temperature conditions, in particular to low temperature and low humidity control requirements. 

2、Complete machine is composed of moisture absorbing rotary wheel, blower, air filter, regeneration heater with temperature adjustment and program control. The machine enclosure is composed of stainless steel, and interior material is adjusted based on needs. 

3、It is connected with standard pipe system, power and sensor and control outside the machine. 

4、Regular thickness of the rotary wheel is 200MM, low resistance and relatively low energy consumption of blower. 

5、Medium-effect bag filter is used, with pressure difference alarm for the filter. 

6、The regeneration blower shall be of high-quality blower, resisting high temperature and corrosion. 

7、The rotary wheel driving and sealing system are imported, with stable and reliable performance.

8、Adjustment of regeneration heating shall be stepless adjustment, stable operation, precise control sand saving operation costs. 

9、Perfect electrical and automatic control systems, convenient and reliable operation and easy maintenance. Touch screen HMI makes visual operation and data acquisition. 

Scope Of Application

1、Treatment process and production process with strict requirements on humidity,Storage of articles sensitive to humidity.

2、Scientific research laboratory, especially high-tech biological, aviation and space and electronic laboratory. 

3、Maintenance of industrial production equipment and precise experimenting

4、Within buildings easily generating massive moisture (such as indoor pool, large fresh food supermarket and ice arena), to avoid damage to building structures and facilities by moisture and minimize operation energy losses, a proper comfort shall be maintained at these sites, and air humidity shall be lowered. 


   再生能耗  电加热(KW)1839608189152202308


   重量 (Kg)630770110013501570182022902650

注:额定除湿量基于:1、@20oC,60%,101.32KPA     2、蒸汽压力0.4MPa