Importance of humidity control

The moisture imposes great impact on production equipment and product quality and causes various losses to storages. However, people have little awareness of this. In addition, the handling cost is overcontrolled. Therefore, no action has been taken to solve the impact of moisture. Finally, more serious losses are caused. Exposed in an environment with high RH, the materials stored are highly susceptible to damages. Generally, if the RH in a storage space exceeds 55-60%, problems will occur. If there is condensate water on materials, the damage may be faster.

The steel is not easy to rust if the RH is below 50%. Large storage shelves are made of steel, thus such shelves are susceptible to moisture, causing rusting, aging and other problems. The materials stored in environment with an RH higher than 60%, such as food, medicine, leather, furniture, electronic products, chemical raw materials, hardware appliances, printing product and tobacco, are easy to absorb moisture and cause corrosion, short circuit, deformation, mildew and other phenomena. Therefore, the humidity should be properly controlled to ensure the quality, extend the shelf life, lower defective rate and loss and protect assets from losses.

PD-C Combo Rotary Dehumidifier

Polder Environmental Science& Technology is a professional manufacturer of adsorbing rotary dehumidifier, based on users’ requirements, designs functional sections individually, and satisfies air-conditioning requirements such as air volume, outlet air temperature, outlet air humidity and outlet air cleanness. Meanwhile, relevant patented technologies of Polder Environmental Protection Science& Technology combine the philosophy of greenness, energy saving and environmental protection, apply thermal recycling technology, make the regeneration process more energy-saving, and the optimized body structure and high-performance thermal insulation materials minimize heat losses and save operation costs.

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Technical features

1、It is used to control air dehumidification under various temperature conditions, in particular to use under constant temperature and humidity conditions according to process requirements

2、The complete machine is composed of dehumidifying rotary wheel, blower, air filter, regeneration heater with temperature adjustment, and controls refrigeration, heating, sterilizing and dehumidification of temperature control, the electrical control system of centralized control, the machine enclosure is composed of stainless steel panel and foaming thermal insulation, and material of interior structure is selected based on needs.

3、It is connected with standard pipeline system, power, and sensor and control out of the machine

4、Normal thickness of the rotary wheel is 200mm, low resistance, relatively low energy consumption of the treating blower

5、Filters of various efficiency are provided, and filter pressure difference alarm device is installed

6、The regeneration blower shall be of high-quality blower, resisting high-temperature and corrosion

7、The rotary wheel driving and sealing systems are imported, stable and reliable performance.

8、Stepless adjustment is adopted for regeneration heating, stable operation, precise control and saving operation costs

9、Perfect electrical and control systems are used, reliable and convenient operation and easy maintenance. HMI interface on the touch screen, visual operation and data acquisition.

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