Solid guarantee for winning modern high-tech wars

Modernized wars are inevitably supported by high-tech equipment. However, such equipment with lots of electronic techniques and high-precision machinery may be susceptible to various temperature and humidity environment in the field during wartime, which may cause deviation of reliability and accuracy. The Company produces special temperature control and dehumidification device for field conditions to provide a temporary operating environment with accurately controlled temperature and humidity for military equipment to ensure that the performance of various equipment will not be affected. The Company’s equipment is suitable for the support maintenance of various electronic information command and operation sites, remote sensing stations and sophisticated weapons and equipment in field conditions.


Creating a high-quality environment for development, test and production of military products

In the production of modern industry, in order to ensure the stable quality and performance of products, the environment control in the production process is of great importance. The production process of military products should also meet environmental control conditions; or some devices that can simulate the atmospheric environment are needed to verify the usability of products in harsh environment. For example, the low dew point production workshops for thermal batteries and lithium batteries for power storage, wind tunnels and laboratories for various equipment materials, and workshops and places requiring temperature and humidity environment control.


Maintenance of military installations and equipment in peacetime

In non-war time, there will be a large number of weapons and military equipment and installations that need to be parked and placed; and they will be tested by high humidity in such static environment. After exposure (of weapons and military equipment) to high humidity air containing moisture, oxidation and corrosion of materials will be caused, which directly affects the service life of military installations and equipment. Polder’s rotary dehumidification technique can protect important military equipment from being corroded by the moisture in the air by means of the environment with strictly-controlled humidity, so as to reduce daily maintenance costs, guarantee the performance of military equipment and improve the operational readiness ability of Chinese army.

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