Cymbals participated in the fourth session of 2019 new battery electrolyte/diaphRelease time:2019-09-27 14:48:05

On September 24, 2019, the "2019 fourth international BBS of new battery electrolyte/diaphragm material technology" sponsored by China chemical and physical power supply industry association was successfully held in Hilton Hotel changzhou city, jiangsu province. Cymbals environmental protection technology as exhibitors invited to participate in the BBS.


The theme of this conference is "high safety, low cost and high performance material system". The five sub-topics cover almost all the current industry concerns about lithium ion battery electrolyte and diaphragm materials.


Since 2019, the power battery industry has been faced with more severe market competition. In addition to technical product development and transformation, supply chain management, cash flow control and other dimensions, power battery enterprises also need to "reduce cost" and share cost pressure through price reduction to upstream material enterprises. Cymbals as a dehumidification industry professional enterprises, to energy saving, environmental protection as the guide, continuous improvement of product design, follow the low energy consumption and high intelligence double design concept, from the energy consumption, engineering quality control and other aspects of a series of solutions. We will build a world-class battery production line for the battery factory, improve product quality and product qualification rate, and continue to make our own contribution to the development of green, safe and high-performance battery industry.