One-stop Intelligent Environment System Engineering Service Provider

◆ Turnkey Projects

As a subsidiary of Polder, BuildAir Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BuildAir”) Provides customers with one-stop engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) turnkey engineering services. BuildAir has been engaged in air drying and purification industry for many years. Besides, it has a professional team with rich design and construction experience. BuildAir’s business is all over China and is applied in such fields as thermal battery drying shed, lithium battery drying shed, electronic workshop, biological medicine, laboratory and purification decoration. BuildAir was highly recognized by customers for its performance in an aerospace-class HD satellite lithium battery production line project of an aerospace research institution. Currently, the project is the largest low dew point drying system project in China with a low dew point drying area of 4,000m2 and an overall environmental dew point value ≤ -50℃. It is the only lithium battery production line that makes the dew point of the whole process line of lithium battery below -50℃ in China. 


Dehumidification Equipment

Polder Environmental Science& Technology is a professional manufacturer of adsorbing rotary dehumidifier, based on users’ requirements, designs functional sections individually, and satisfies air-conditioning requirements such as air volume, outlet air temperature, outlet air humidity and outlet air cleanness. Meanwhile, relevant patented technologies of Polder Environmental Protection Science& Technology combine the philosophy of greenness, energy saving and environmental protection, apply thermal recycling technology, make the regeneration process more energy-saving, and the optimized body structure and high-performance thermal insulation materials minimize heat losses and save operation costs.

Special push products Low Dew Point Rotary Dehumidifier

1、It is applicable for air drying under low dew-point requirements, and is used for high-quality air purifying, high-precision control and extremely low conditions treatment. 

2、A complete system is composed of air temperature and humidity, purification and other treatment units; supporting refrigeration cooling sources; and the corresponding drying and purifying rooms and auxiliary works, and the users select based on needs.

3、It is connected with pipeline system with low leaking rate, sensor, control and upper computer outside the power and machine.

4、Regular thickness of the rotary wheel is 400mm, which is made of efficient silicon rubber or composite molecular materials, powerful capability of absorbing moisture.

5、Intermediate efficiency bag filter is installed, completed with filter pressure difference alarm.

6、The regeneration blower shall be of high-quality blower, resisting high-temperature and corrosion.

7、The rotary wheel driving and sealing systems are imported, stable and reliable performance.

8、Stepless adjustment is adopted for regeneration heating, stable operation, precise control and saving operation costs.

9、Stepless adjustment is adopted for regeneration heating, stable operation, precise control and saving operation costs.


Intelligent Control System

1、Predictive maintenance: the intelligent monitoring system transmits the data of key parts of the equipment to the user engineer's computer for remote monitoring in the office. In case of any problem, measures may be taken in advance or the equipment may be switched to the manufacturer for diagnosis and troubleshooting. 

2、Emergency maintenance: in case of any abnormity that cannot be solved by user engineer, the equipment may be switched to the manufacturer; the latter will respond to this rapidly according to data analysis, give suggestions and prepare spare parts to avoid mistake and affect production. 

3、Regular or irregular remote monitoring of the equipment is conducted in a  Trinitarian manner (user engineer, user equipment supervisor and manufacturer) to supervise timely maintenance to ensure the normal operation of production and extend the service life of the equipment.

4、The intelligent monitoring system transmits the data to the user’s master-control room or central control unit for unified monitoring. 


 Energy Management

In order to reduce the operating cost of the dehumidification system, Polder also provides efficient heat accumulating module that accumulates heat with cheap valley electricity or photovoltaic (PV) or wind power and acts as the regenerative heating source for rotary dehumidifier. The module has supporting dehumidification equipment sales and can conduct energy conservation transformation on existing dehumidifiers as separate unit. Financial leasing sales model may also be adopted to share energy saving benefits with customers.